Lotte van Drunen of the KTM Youth MX team scored a podium finish during the third round of the Open Dutch 85cc championships at Halle. Van Drunen finished third in both heats. 

After her overall victory at Delfzijl, Lotte went to the next round at Halle hoping to repeat the feat. 40 Riders on the start line meant that she had ample opposition. Lotte posted the fastest time during free training, but a few mistakes during the relatively short qualifying session cost her, and she qualified fourth. Her team pointed out some mistakes which would have helped her in posting a faster lap, which gave her confidence.  

Lotte had an iffy start in the first race, and found herself in tenth position. She gained a few spots in the first lap, and by the second lap she was in fifth already.  A lap later she was in fourth, and then set off  in pursuit of the third-placed rider.  By the time she had made the pass, the race had nearly run its course, and third  was as far as she got. 

Lotte was not happy with her riding, and again some team chat looked at how she could improve. A much better start launched Lotte straight into third, and she quickly moved into second. She managed to pressure the leader, but in turn had the third-placed rider on her tail. He forced her into the error, and she dropped back to third, where she took the flag. 

Lotte is now preparing for the fourth round of the series, which will take place at Oldebroek on 26 September.