Kjell Verbruggen of the KTM Youth MX Team had an impressive outing at the international motocross event in Axel. Some armpump in the first heat kept Verbruggen from a top five position in race one, and in the second race, a crash put paid to his hopes for a good overall result. 

Kjell was facing up to a quality field of riders at this international event, and proved to be competitive, posting the ninth fastest time during qualifying.  He started in the top ten in race one, and worked his way forward to sixth.  Some armpump forced him to slack off the pace, just as he was ready to make a lunge for fifth position. He held onto sixth until the fall of the flag. 

The second race started less well for him. “I collided with another rider, and I was dead last after getting up from the crash. The bike was all bent, and I could not really ride at full speed anymore. I still came back to 20th, though,”  he said. 

The crash in the second race kept Kjell to 14th overall,  but satisfied that his speed was competitive.  He will be lining up for the second round of the EMX250 European Championships next weekend.

Lotte van Drunen participated in the second round of the Northern Italian Championship 85 at Albettone. She did well and finished sixth overall with a 5-6 in the motos.

Overall MX2 Axel:

1 Jago Geerts 50 Pnt

2 Roan van de Moosdijk 44 Pnt

3 Mathys Boisrame 40 Pnt

4 Rene Hofer 34 Pnt

5 Mikkel Haarup 34 Pnt

14 Kjell Verbruggen 15 Pnt