Lotte van Drunen of the Beursfoon KTM team collected her second victory in the 85cc class. After having collected a debut 85cc victory at the Vlissingen beach race the previous week, she opted to expand her experience even more at the Lemmer beach race. The 85cc machines were pitted against the 125cc bikes, and seeing as there were only 30 start gates, Lotte knew that she had to pull her best arrows out of the quiver during qualifying to get a front row start. Despite it being difficult to set a good lap time on the busy track, she posted the 15th fastest time overall, ensuring herself of a front row start.

Lotte got a good drop off the start in race one, and by transferring her weight over the rear wheel for traction on the long straight, she got into the first corner in eighth position. Unfortunately, she crashed in a deep hole on the waves section. She dropped way back, and fell far behind the leader of the 85cc class. With some determined riding, she closed up the huge gap and got to the rear wheel of the leader. With a clean pass, she moved into the lead, but yet more troubles lay in wait. She got stuck in a deep rut, and by the time she had gotten out of it, the leader was long gone again, and she finished second.

Lotte was piqued, and determined to set matters straight in the final race. Another good start got her into the lead of the 85cc class and 15th overall of the combined 85cc and 125cc field consisting of some 90 riders. She eventually clinched the 85cc class win and finished 16th overall, beating many of the riders on the bigger bikes.

Lotte won the 85cc class overall and was also credited with two holeshots in respect of that class. She will continue her training and familiarization with the bike, and will seek out more competitions to work on her race skills. She will participate in the Winter Cup races at Arnhem and will travel to Spain in December to seek out some better weather.

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