• Lotte van Drunen of the Beursfoon KTM team achieved her season’s objective of clinching the Open Dutch Championships 65cc big wheel motocross title last Saturday. Her victory in the frist race was enough to secure the title for Lotte. She finished second in the final heat, which gave her second overall for the event.

This was an important event for Lotte, her team and her sponsors, because this was her opportunity of becoming Dutch motocross champion for the third time. Some heavy rains leading up to the event held the promise of a heavy track. This did not deter Lotte, though, and she steered her golden-coloured bike to pole position, with the fastest time of all 65cc – and 85cc bikes combined.

Lotte was brimming with confidence prior to the first race. This showed in a good start, and with a bit of a bump and barge, she started the race in second place. Before long, she had the lead in hand, and opened up a lead with consistently quick lap times. She controlled the race form then on, well knowing that victory would be enough to bring the title her way. Her ecstatic supporters greeted her at the finish line with confetti, smoke bombs and champagne. A third motocross title for this young lady, in a sport that is normally the domain of the men and the boys is remarkable indeed.

The festivities were tempered between the races, as Lotte had to prepare for the second race. She was boxed in off the start, which kept her down to sixth. There were a number of 85cc riders ahead of her, which made it difficult for her to pass. It took her three laps to work her way into second, and by then the leader was too far gone. She finished second in the race and second overall for the day as well. Most importantly, though, the Dutch title was now hers.

Lotte will now move up to the 85cc big wheel class, and will already line up for here first big new challenge at an Open Dutch Championship event in St Isidorushoeve next weekend.